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Many small business owners believe that marketing initiatives always require a huge financial investment. Marketing is more about finding out of the box strategies to reach your target.
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With Karen's a focus on helping entrepreneurs, it made sense to her to align with a company that provided inexpensive yet high quality business service such as unlimited tech support and webinar capabilities.
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A business without a plan is like a car without a steering wheel. You can go fast, but there is a good chance it's a bumpy, scary ride with no guarantee you're even headed in the right directly!
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Busi Women
Soon after opening her primary business, Karen developed the BusiWomen Networking Group.
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Why Marketing Your Business is so Important!

Imagine you sold a one-of-a-kind item and it ROCKED! Demand is soaring, and competition non-existent. In fact, revenue is so high that the financial institution you use is holding a parade solely in your honor. Sounds pretty good, huh?
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Unfortunately this may not really mesh with reality. Each one of our businesses is in a competitive environment, its as plain and simple as that. Customers are increasingly demanding, competitors are creeping in and businesses that weren't initially your competition are offering more products and services that overlap with yours.

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